About us



We promote what is most important to us: OUR CHILDREN
"Dance Company" takes over management for dance-loving children to further their education and take over participation in competitions and events.

Our solo tap dancer Raphael Rojko is three-time world champion of the ESDU (2012, 2011 Juniors, 2010 children). Raphael creates his choreographies by himself. Since beginning of 2010 he leads his regular tap dance trainings on his own. He participates in masterclass workshops of well-known coaches/dancers to further his education.

Darian Rojko was together with Elena Granata 2010 Vice World Champion at the World Dance Masters of ESDU in the category of Classical Ballet / minis / duo-trio. As a solo dancer Darian reached 2011 in the category Character-Dance/Children/Solo the Austrian Vice-Champion title. Darian is coached by Viktor Kopeyko and his brother Raphael Rojko.