2011 - Stars Of Tomorrow

  • GLENDA BROWN and Raphael
    GLENDA BROWN and Raphael
    Director of Young Tanzsommer
  • Darian and CEASAR BARAJAS
    Darian and CEASAR BARAJAS

    Outreach Workshops & Jazz Faculty

  • Darian and THOM CLOWER
    Darian and THOM CLOWER

    Ballet Master & Advisory Board

  • Raphael and CEASAR BARAJAS
    Raphael and CEASAR BARAJAS

    Outreach Workshops & Jazz Faculty

US-American dance companies of "Young Tanzsommer" hosted in Lienz again. Our dance colleagues from the States show a varied program and enthuses us again.
Unfortunately bad weather the show couldn't take place at the main square. Both events take place at the "Stadtsaal" instead. In the pre-program of "Stars of Tomorrow" shows Raphael Rojko his award-winning performance "Rythm of Life". A week later Darian presents at the Matinee of "Young Tanzsommer" "Spirit of Samurai" to the audience. The hall is sold out with schoolchildren and teachers from the surroundings. Darian is delighted that his primary school (VS Lavant) also has come.

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