RAPHAEL - World Champion Children 2010

ESDU World Dance Champion Raphael Rojko

With my 12 years I wrote the choreography by myself. The music which I've  chosen is cutted by me. Before the big happening it's natural for me to train continously and to increase my training.  On my trip to Croatia, we stopped in Carinthia, where I took a training visit to Marco Schnabl for mental strengthening. In Porec, I took the time to prepare me in the rehersal rooms.




World dance champion Raphael Rojko


On late Friday afternoon it was time. I was perfectly prepared, a little tense but in a good mood. When I entered the stage I was fully concentrated and then I danced my "Steps to Eternity". As two minutes later my father took to receive me behind the stage, I could no longer feel the ground beneath my feet. There were moments of tension for me, but also the most beautiful feelings of happiness. I was satisfied. My mother and my brother came to the dressing room to congratulate me. They have watched my tap dance from the stands. In these moments, I was not thinking about competitors, but was just still happy to have danced with passion.

World dance champion Raphael Rojko
Mariano Carlini with Raphael

It was not only a highly successful sporting week in Porec. The five-day event for me and my family was very impressive and instructive for the future. On the edge of the competition I took part in workshops by internationally renowned dancers. I am glad that I  have been remembered to Dollie Henry (choreographer, dancer, jazz dance - Britain, New York) and Mariano Carlini (Italy, USA., dancer, musical). Both confirmed to me, that I've developed me over the last year very strong. Encouraged by the words of appreciation from so knowledgeable personalities, I felt my desire for taking the best position, changing legitimately to hope. Finally, my dream came true at the Awards Ceremony. My "Steps to Eternity" brought me to the highest level of the winning podium. I would like to thank all people who have supported me and made it possible for me to get that far!

Dollie Henry with Raphael and Darian
Vize-Weltmeister Darian Rojko and Elena Granata

I was not the only dancer in my family who experienced exciting moments: my brother Darian Rojko joined with his partner Elena Granata as a duo in the category for minis in classical ballet at the competition. That the two had qualified in their first championship year ever, is very considerable. With their vice-champion title, they can be very proud. Congratulations to Darian, Elena and her coach and choreographer Giulia Granata.