RAPHAEL - World Champion Juniors 2011

On 21 May 2011 I was able to win for the second time a world champion title. This time I was successful in the juniors category.

In early April, on the World Dance Tour (Zell am See, Austria) Raphael qualified for the ESDU World Dance Championship in Porec. With great zeal he had completed hundreds of hours of training. He perfected his self-created choreography "Rhythm of Life". This year Raphael entered into the junior class. So he chose as his training focus to increase the technical difficulty level. On Easter weekend at the International Tap Dance Festival in Zurich Raphael has participated in workshops. Highly motivated and ideal prepared Raphael came to Porec.

As in the previous year it was important for Raphael, to prepare himself with relaxed training in the near neighborhood. In addition to his own tap dance practice on the days before his championship appearance, he also participated in workshops which were offered by the ESDU.

Raphael Rojko, Dollie Henry, Darian Rojko

Dollie Henry: We know you love it! Storm: phenomenal moves, super act.

Santu Mamona: Cool and funny workshops Mariano Carlini complimented after award ceremony

International famous dancers communicated competence and knowledge to interested kids like Raphael and Darian (Raphael's brother):
Dollie Henry - Jazz u. Musical; Niels Robitzky alias Storm - HipHop; Santu Mamona - HipHop; Daniel Lommel - Contempory/Modern; Prof. Hans-Joachim Tappendorff & June Guaracci Schlosser - Ballet


On Saturday, May 21st 2011, it was time. The category "tap dance" is on competition program. 
At 8 o'clock gates of the Intersport-hall opens. Preparing and waiting ... 
9 o'clock: The competition begins with the children (solo, duo / trio, group). Raphael and the Dance Company is waiting backstage.
9:30: The Junior Solos: It begins with a colleague from South Africa. Then Raphael: he dances sovereign his "Rhythm of Life". Although the hall is not fully filled at the early hour, the audience acknowledged Raphael's performance noticeably loud. Once again after Raphael, a colleague from South Africa's turn. Raphael is happy in the dressing room, where he is greeted enthusiastically by his family. Later the tap dance coach of the South African delegation even congratulated Raphael. 

Sunday, from 02 pm: Award ceremonies. At 03:28 pm The moderator calls one by one of the two South African dancers to the podium. And then: "And the Winner is ... Rhythm of Life!" Raphael did it! This is the reward for much hard work during the last months, a technically challenging choreography which Raphael has developed by himself so creative and conjured up with so much love for tap dancing to the stage. Congratulations! It is a pleasure to assist you. All the best for your future,wish you your parents and Darian!