RAPHAEL - Champion 2010

2010 for the first time Austrian Champion and nominated as talent of the competition.

The program included more than 300 contributions at the "Austrian Open" of the ESDU. At the only competition to qualify in Austria for the World Dance Masters in Porec (Croatia) our "Dance Company" has represented successfully themselves. Also Raphael who started in 2010 for Valeina Dance Studios was successful.
With his own choreography, Raphael became new Austrian Champion in tap dancing (children / solo). He'll  represent Eastern Tyrol at the World Dance Masters in Porec. With Raphael Rojkos nomination to the top four male junior talents, of this kind the jury awarded for the first time a dancer from Eastern Tyrol and from "Valeina Dance Studios".

Among the judges was also Vincent Bueno, the winner of the ORF-TV talent show "Musical". On Friday evening, he impressed the young dancers with his show at the Ferry Porsche Centre. After the award ceremony Vincent congratulated Raphael to his tap dance choreography.

Our duo Elena Granata and Darian Rojko became Austrian champion in ballet (Minis / Duo)! The two even reached the World Dance Masters qualifiers, which also confirms the excellent work of their trainer and choreographer Giulia Granata.