2010 - Kinderkrebshilfe Kärnten

Many stars such as Lutricia McNeal, Waterloo, Manuel Ortega, Simone, Claus Marcus, Jazz Gitti are scheduled to perform at the charity event benefiting the Kinderkrebshilfe Kärnten. After his performance as Mozart (ballet duo) two years ago, Raphael shows this time his tap dance choreography that led him to the world champion title.

With wit and sophistication the professional presenter Harald Wieser introduces the next player on the stage. He lets the audience guess what Raphael Rojko can do particularly well. "... And because he is the best in it, he is also the world champion ...". The audience is curious about the performance.  Immediately after Raphael started to dance, he entertains the audience so much that the viewers are going immediately enthusiastic. The audience acknowledges with loud applause Raphaels show. "Wow! Is it not cool ...? A great art! Raphael can really something!" said the moderator. When the audience learns that Raphael did the choreography by himself, there is an extra round of applause. Behind the stage there's congratulations. For example, the former Mr. Austria, who said he had studied for a fashion show itself once a tap performance.

The microphone for the taps.
Moderator Harald Wieser präsentiert Raphael

The following program shows great artists of various sectors of the music scene. Some of them Raphael has already met two years ago. Dancing Star Waterloo remembers the Mozart dancer Raphael.
Also this year, Waterloo is enthusing the audience with Indian temperament.

2008: Dancing Star Waterloo with Raphael als Mozart und Janine
2010: Darian, Raphael and Waterloo

Also Manuel Ortega can remember. He posed in 2008 with Mozart's dancers for the Kronen Zeitung. The Dancing Star is pleased to see Raphael as children world tap dance champion again. On stage Manuel brings songs from the past, but also with his new songs inspired Manuel Ortega the audience.

2008: Photo-Shooting with Manuel Ortega, Janine and Raphael
2010: Darian, Manuel Ortega, Raphael

Claus Marcus has made ​​known his sound in Carinthia. As a singer he has many fans here. In Glanhofen he is also to promote his latest discovery as a producer: Alina Lena. Her voice is reminiscent of Gianna Nanini and Bonny Tyler.

Alina Lena with Raphael and Darian
Claus Marcus with Raphael

With her ​​typical Viennese charm heated Jazz Gitti the mood of the audience to huge. Behind the stage, it proves how many of their colleagues, as a likeable person. Gitti wishes all the best for Raphael and says that she likes Raphael tap dance.

Jazz Gitti with Raphael and Darian
Jazz Gitti - Glanhofen 2010
As a final highlight is a superstar announced. 1997 she was topping the charts with Ain’t That Just The Way (siehe VIDEO) .

Since then she has landed again and again among the top 10 Actually as Lutricia McNeal takes the stage at the church square of Glanhofen the crowd goes wild. The mix of soul, reggae and pop and funky voice Lutricia McNeal also inspire the fans at the spring festival. Shortly after her appearance Lutricia is willing to a photo with Raphael. When she hears that Raphael was on stage as a dancer three hours ago and that he is so successfull as a World Dance Master in Tap Dance for Children, she was impressed and said to him: "Congratulations, continue in such a way. Dance and school is so important for you. Good luck to you." Raphael thanked and congratulated for Lutricas great show  in Glanhofen.

Lutricia McNeal
Lutricia McNeal
Lutricia McNeal mit Raphael