RAPHAEL - Steps to Eternity

"Steps to Eternity" - the choreography created by myself, nominated for best male talent at the Austrian Open showdance championship, became Austrian Champion 2010, ... and World Champion of the ESDU 2010 - in Solo Tap Dance Children.
Even before the championships of the previous year, I am choosing the music from Michael Jackson for my next tap dance performance. Thus long before Michael announced that he will give concerts again.
For myself Michael Jackson is not only the "King of Pop", he is also the "King of Dance" and will forever remain in my heart. His influance on modern music and dance will be important impact to eternity.
David Garrett, whom I greatly admire, provided with his special version of "Smooth Criminal" a perfect source for my artistic tap dance interpretation. My musical training in piano and singing are an important condition for a rhythmically perfect conversion.
At 12, with "Steps to Eternity" I created my own choreography. The theme of the performance is to express the way through the life in all its facets. Emotion, fighting, defense, suffering, euphoria - feelings which everyone lives through.
The aim is the eternity, or perhaps a better world?