2009 - Stars Of Tomorrow

As an opening act at the open-air dance gala "Stars of Tomorrow" local Valeina Dancers appear on the main square of Lienz. Raphael Rojko shows Bi-Faced.


In 2009, the "Tanzsommer" Innsbruck presents the show "Stars of Tomorrow" in Lienz again. At this open-air event showing different dance companies from the U.S.A. a 90-minute program. The performances of classical ballet, modern and jazz dance thrilled the audience of Lienz, which fills the main square almost entirely.

Like 2008 (as Mozart in ballet trio) Raphael Rojko is present again. This time he shows his award winning tap dance solo performance, "Bi-Faced." As well as his Valeina colleagues he starts as an opening act before the Americans. The presenter (Radio Osttirol chief DI Christine Brugger) greeted him with "... anyway everyone knows Raphael in Lienz ...". When he shows between his steps, the moonwalk, there is spontaneous applause. The viewers recognize this as a tribute to Michael Jackson, who died one day before.

For Raphael, this Friday was exciting not only because of his appearance on the main square. He also took part on a piano prelude evening in the local music school. This meant almost simultaneously to be in two different places on the need for sound check, stage rehearsals, piano and tap dance practices. But after the show on the main square there was still time for a Smal-talk with Caesar F. Barajas. He is a dancer, choreographer, artist, singer and actor. Caesar was impressed by Raphael's advancement.