2011 - Beachvolleyball Lienz

Lienz is not only embedded in beautyful and imposant high mountain ranges. Now the sunny city get beach feelings across to tourists and natives. A sports event brings 150 tons of sand to the centre of Lienz. For the Beach Volleyball Cup a 10 X 21.5 meter sand pit was built on "Johannesplatz" (John's square). Ball sports action at its finest is at the weekend on the program. The Men-A-Beach-Cup attracts many curious people and sports enthusiasts in the city. The program includes inter alia a celebrity-match, a fashion show and dance performances. For our Samurai the sand offers a beautiful ambience. Darian takes up the challenge and put the choreography skillfully into practice. For Raphaels Tap Dance a small part of the gallery is prepared to be free from viewers. Late in the evening before, at Raphaels first inspection, he danced a little warm up to test the prepared gallery. Suddenly many random passers came near, were thrilled and they have awarded him with loud applause on the otherwise so quiet "Johannesplatz".