Lutricia McNeal

As a final highlight is a superstar announced. 1997 she was topping the charts with Ain’t That Just The Way (siehe VIDEO) .

Since then she has landed again and again among the top 10 Actually as Lutricia McNeal takes the stage at the church square of Glanhofen the crowd goes wild. The mix of soul, reggae and pop and funky voice Lutricia McNeal also inspire the fans at the spring festival. Shortly after her appearance Lutricia is willing to a photo with Raphael. When she hears that Raphael was on stage as a dancer three hours ago and that he is so successfull as a World Dance Master in Tap Dance for Children, she was impressed and said to him: "Congratulations, continue in such a way. Dance and school is so important for you. Good luck to you." Raphael thanked and congratulated for Lutricas great show  in Glanhofen.

Lutricia McNeal
Lutricia McNeal
Lutricia McNeal mit Raphael