Porec 2011

As in the previous year it was important for Raphael, to prepare himself with relaxed training in the near neighborhood. In addition to his own tap dance practice on the days before his championship appearance, he also participated in workshops which were offered by the ESDU.

Raphael Rojko, Dollie Henry, Darian Rojko

Dollie Henry: We know you love it! Storm: phenomenal moves, super act.

Santu Mamona: Cool and funny workshops Mariano Carlini complimented after award ceremony

International famous dancers communicated competence and knowledge to interested kids like Raphael and Darian (Raphael's brother):
Dollie Henry - Jazz u. Musical; Niels Robitzky alias Storm - HipHop; Santu Mamona - HipHop; Daniel Lommel - Contempory/Modern; Prof. Hans-Joachim Tappendorff & June Guaracci Schlosser - Ballet